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The Worlds Best Shot

All Pure Shots' products are crafted and brewed after the same principle: High quality and great taste. The ingredients are carefully selected, to give the best and purest taste in every single shot.


Pure Liquorice are made of


The liquorice is specially selected based on its great and deep flavour. The liquorice are made of liquorice root that are dried, roasted and powdered in order to extract most possible natural flavour. It is this process that gives the intense taste of real, pure liquorice.



Salmiak salt is added to break the sweet taste of liquorice and create a harmonious balanced taste of salty liquorice that is soft and pleasant to enjoy. This is the real taste of liquorice as we know it when it is at its best



The vodka is made from 96% pure alcohol and mixed with Danish water and Danish sugar. This pure alcohol is made from grain and rye instead of molasses. This means a spirit that works in harmony with the natural ingredients instead of overpowering them - further contributing to the pure taste of the shot.

Shake before drinking.

Raspberry Passion